Aluminum Animal Signs

 High Quality Aluminum Signs

Our Aluminum Signs are constructed from an Aluminum 
Composite Material (ACM) 

What this means is that they are double layered aluminum 
with a solid Polyethylene core

We use 3 layers of UV resistant ink and pre-drill holes in each 
corner to make installation easy

This is the material used for large outdoor business signs that
are meant to last for a decade or more

This material does not rust or fade over time and performs 
in extreme temperatures from the cold of Minnesota to the 
heat of Texas

Thicker and much stronger than the typical .040 (thickness)
Aluminum signs seen on the market

.040 Aluminum signs are thin, sharp and easily bent out of shape

These signs are so strong that if you send us a video of yourself 
 permanently bending it by hand, we will send you a free replacement